5 Common Sleep Disorders

How your sleep specialist in Bradenton, and Sarasota, FL, can help you sleep better

If you aren’t getting a great night of sleep, you could have a sleep disorder. Fortunately, sleep disorders are treatable, but you need to seek out the services of an expert, your sleep specialist.

Dr. Jeremy McConnell at Florida Sleep Specialists offers a wide range of sleep services, including diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. He has two convenient office locations in Bradenton, and Sarasota, FL, to help you sleep better.

These are just a few of the most common sleep disorders:

Sleep apnea; when you have sleep apnea, the tissue at the back of your throat relaxes and blocks your airway while you sleep. The condition can put you at higher risk of having a stroke or suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep apnea is treated either with a CPAP machine, which provides oxygen, or an oral mandibular advancement appliance, which maintains an open airway.

Chronic or acute insomnia; when you have insomnia, you have difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. Insomnia can cause problems with concentration and focus and make you groggy throughout the day. Insomnia is treated with medications, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle modification.

Narcolepsy; when you have narcolepsy, you have episodes of suddenly falling asleep. Narcolepsy is a type of epilepsy that can lead to inability to drive, difficulty with daily activities, and lowered work and school performance. Narcolepsy is treated with medication and lifestyle modification.

Periodic limb movements of sleep; when you have PLMS, you have episodes of repetitive movements of your extremities. PLMS can cause extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other signs and symptoms. PLMS is treated with medication, diet management, and lifestyle modification.

Restless leg syndrome; when you have RLS, you suffer from a creeping type of pain in your legs. RLS can make sitting for long periods difficult. You may have trouble falling or staying asleep, and it can make it difficult to drive. RLS is treated with medications, diet management, and lifestyle modification.

If any of the signs and symptoms listed above sound familiar, it’s time to seek out the help of your sleep specialist for a sleep study. call Dr. Jeremy McConnell at Florida Sleep Specialists. You can reach him in the office in Bradenton, FL, by calling (941) 792-8383, or in Sarasota, FL, at (941) 827-0701, so call today!