Preventing Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is incredibly dangerous. Here’s how to prevent it from happening to you.

Did you know that in 2019, The US Department of Transportation reported that there were 697 deaths caused by drowsy driving-related car accidents? We all know that falling asleep at the wheel is incredibly dangerous and harmful to ourselves and others. If you are dealing with sleep issues, or if you find yourself regularly experiencing drowsiness throughout the day, you should talk with our Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, sleep medicine specialist Dr. Jeremy McConnell about ways to prevent drowsy driving.

Take Driving Breaks

Don’t be a hero! While you may want to just barrel through your road trip just to get to your destination, it’s important that you are taking breaks every couple of hours to get up and stretch. This is also the perfect time to grab something to drink or eat. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Taking breaks can help you feel more alert when you get behind the wheel again.

You May Just Need to Take a Nap

If you find yourself getting drowsy while driving do not continue to drive. It’s safest to pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road to allow yourself a little shuteye; however, this is only something you should do during the day. If it’s nighttime, it’s best to consider getting a hotel room and venture out the next day after getting some rest.

Make Sure You’re Getting Quality Sleep

It’s important that you get enough sleep each night so you don’t wake up feeling groggy and tired. If you find yourself feeling tired all the time or experiencing drowsy driving despite getting the recommended 7-8 hours each night, then you should consider visiting our Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, sleep medicine specialist Dr. McConnell for a sleep study.

Skip Happy Hour

Whether you’re just grabbing a drink with coworkers after work or you are having some wine at dinner before finishing the last leg of your road trip, it’s important to note that not only does alcohol impair motor skills and judgment but also it can make you sleepy. If you find that you already have issues with drowsy driving, you should avoid alcohol.

Drowsy driving is not to be taken lightly. If you find yourself nodding off throughout the day or experiencing issues like brain fog, trouble concentrating and extreme fatigue despite getting enough sleep, you may have a sleep disorder. Call our sleep medicine specialist Dr. McConnell of Sleep Manatee in Bradenton, FL, at (941) 792-8383 and in Sarasota, FL, at (941) 827-0701. to schedule a sleep consultation. Don’t let drowsy driving endanger you.