Sleep and Your Mental Health

The payoff for sufficient restorative sleep extends far beyond eliminating those dark under-eye circles. Getting adequate sleep is among the most effective ways to ensure your optimal overall health. Studies have consistently shown that sleep deprivation could significantly affect the body and mind. And besides perpetuating serious diseases, insufficient sleep could likewise negatively impact your temperament, mood, and your ability to stay focused on your daily activities.

If you feel that lack of sleep is affecting your mental and overall health, you can consult with Dr. Jeremy McConnell of Florida Sleep Specialists in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL for advice on what you should do.

The Link Between Mental Health and Sleep

Sleep offers time for the body and mind to recover from all the hard work you put in daily. The crucial restorative processes during sleep are cut short or don’t happen if you fail to get adequate shut-eye. For instance, during the REM or rapid eye movement stage, the brain sorts all vital information from the irrelevant ones and files these in your long-term memory bank. If REM is shortchanged or disrupted, you can expect your mental acuity and focus to decrease. In turn, you’ll feel less invigorated, short-tempered, tired, and cranky.

Likewise sleeping less than the minimum recommended seven hours nightly is related to depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among others. Further, failing to get enough sleep could increase the risk of developing body pains and aches, impaired work or school performance, and a compromised immune system. All of these could hurt your daily activities.

Also, sleep deprivation can influence how much and what you eat. The reason for this is that since the regulation of hormones occurs during sleep, not getting sufficient sleep will cause hormones responsible for hunger impulses to be confused, reducing your satiety and increasing hunger pangs. It’s no coincidence that people find themselves reaching for comfort food, which is usually fatty, processed, overly salty, or sweet when you feel exhausted mentally and physically.

Key Things to Remember

Quality sleep provides a solid foundation for your daily life. Sleeping for a minimum of seven hours every night is immensely critical to ensure optimal health. That being said, if you’re having any issues with sleeping, visit your doctor in Bradenton FL to get you back on track to sleeping soundly. Prioritizing sleep could likewise help you realize your other self-care goals, like stress management. Put simply, when the mind and body are always energized and refreshed after sleep, you will be more efficient in responding to daily life stresses.

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