Sleep-Related Hypoventilation: Signs, Causes, Diagnosis

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What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Sleep-Related Hypoventilation?

People may suffer from different kinds of sleep disorders. Among the conditions you may experience is something known as sleep-related hypoventilation.

Sleep-related hypoventilation is a condition characterized by insufficient breathing while sleeping. The issue could be related to slow or shallow breathing.

In addition to abnormal breathing patterns, people suffering from this condition are also likely to experience shortness of breath while they are awake. Because you have trouble breathing, you may also struggle to get adequate sleep at night.

The aforementioned condition is also known to cause fatigue, headaches, and drowsiness during the day.

There are different reasons why people may experience sleep-related hypoventilation.

If this is a condition you’ve been dealing with since you were a child, then it is likely connected to a gene mutation. You may also start to suffer from this disorder if you have a lung disease, some kind of musculoskeletal disorder, or a tumor.

People with obesity are more prone to developing sleep-related hypoventilation, although the exact explanation why is currently unknown. People who regularly consume substances such as sedatives, narcotics, and alcohol are also more likely to suffer from this health condition.

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How Are Sleep Disorders Like Sleep-Related Hypoventilation Diagnosed?

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms we described in the previous section, you should head to the doctor to receive a clear diagnosis.

During your check-up, your doctor will ask you to give a detailed account of your sleeping experience. Share as much as you can during that consultation so your doctor can get the full picture of what you are currently dealing with.

Your doctor may then ask if you are okay with undergoing polysomnography. Polysomnography is a comprehensive test that evaluates your brain functions, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and heart rate while you are sleeping.

A doctor can perform the aforementioned exam at a hospital or a designated sleep center.

Treatment options for sleep-related hypoventilation differ based on the underlying cause. Specific treatment options that may be used include non-invasive ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP).

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