Understanding Sleep Deprivation

These days it seems like a lot of us are working longer or during atypical hours, or it’s the stress that’s keeping up at night. So when we need to borrow extra time it’s often our sleep that gets shortchanged. It’s an unhealthy trend that carries with it a myriad of complications. If you are having trouble sleeping it may be time to contact a sleep expert, reach out to Dr. Jeremy McConnell of Florida Sleep Specialists in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL.

The Cost of Sleep

Sleep is necessary for life. Not only does the lack of it negatively impact your physical health, but you will feel the ill effects just by missing a single day of sleep.

It can happen to anyone, missing some sleep once in a while, but the serious effects begin to stack the more it recurs.

Cognitive problems are the most noticeable early on. Lack of sleep affects your memory, your mood, coordination, and concentration. Because of this, whatever productivity we believe we are squeezing out of the day is immediately lost as we struggle to focus on even the simplest tasks, and we are made more prone to mistakes and accidents.

Less noticeable but more dangerous are the underlying effects. Too little sleep weakens your immune system and puts you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even stroke.

Bad sleeping habits also lead to bad eating habits. Studies have shown how you can feel less full after than you would eating the same after a good night of sleep.

Sleep Help in Bradenton, FL

The problem with sleeping too little is that you can’t always simply decide to sleep more.

A lot of people who suffer from insomnia are typically stressed by their lack of sleep. Thus engineering their self-defeating loop.

For those who work night shifts and very long hours, it becomes imperative to set aside time for sleep. As well as the environment where sleep will be possible.

Experts recommend exercise, monitoring your intake of stimulants and alcohol, and of course, to seek out the advice of a professional. Especially if you’re considering over the counter medication. So make your appointment today, get in contact with Dr. Jeremy McConnell of Florida Sleep Specialists in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, by dialing (941) 792-8383.