What Does Sleep Hygiene Actually Mean?

Although important, sleep hygiene does not refer to the general cleanliness of your sleeping arrangements. Instead, it is a term that encompasses just about every aspect of sleep, from what you do during the day to the moments before you lay down in bed. Outlined below are some tips for improving your sleep hygiene but to learn much more you can contact your local Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, sleep expert, Dr. Jeremy McConnell.

Ritualize Your Sleep

Just like with everything in life, if you can instill a daily habit you are more likely to follow it. It can be tempting to oversleep on the weekends or to stay up very late if you have no morning commitments, but the moment you make a change it can be difficult to go back to your regular routine.

Practice Relaxation

That means making an effort to be relaxed prior to bed rather than expecting it to simply happen. Routine allows your body to recognize when sleep is expected and adding a relaxing activity prior to bed can reinforce this routine. This can include gentle stretches, running a bath, meditation, music, or even reading a book, whatever helps to calm your body and your mind, so stay away from thrillers unless you find them calming.

Improve Your Health

Gentle stretching can be part of your nightly routine but you’ll want to avoid exercise in the evening, but don’t avoid exercise altogether. Besides improving your overall health, even just half an hour of daily exercise can improve your ability to sleep at night.

Potential Pitfalls

Just as you avoid working out hours before going to sleep, you’ll want to also avoid anything that would overstimulate you so close to bedtime. Try to put away any screens before bed, caffeinated drinks late in the day, and try to block or turn off any lights that could interrupt your sleep at night. Naps should also be avoided, or limited if possible. Try to keep these to less than half an hour if you must indulge.

Help With Sleep Hygiene in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL

Lack of sleep can negatively affect you mentally and physically, it can affect your overall quality of life so don’t treat it like a luxury, it’s a necessity like food or air.

For help improving your sleep hygiene and for a better night’s sleep in general you can schedule a consultation with Dr. McConnell in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL by dialing (941) 792-8383 for the Bradenton, FL, office and (941) 827-0701 for Sarasota, FL.