What Is Excessive Sleepiness? Causes & Treatments

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Defining Excessive Sleepiness

Many of us have trouble getting up in the morning. That’s why we rely on alarms, showers, and coffee to get up to speed.

If you are still plagued by sleepiness even after going through your morning routine, then that may no longer just be lingering drowsiness. You may already have a case of excessive sleepiness.

Excessive sleepiness, also commonly referred to as excessive daytime sleepiness or hypersomnia, is characterized by difficulty remaining awake during the day. You may find yourself dozing off whenever you sit still.

Feeling very sleepy the day after pulling an all-nighter is normal. What makes hypersomnia different is its persistent nature. The feelings of sleepiness during the day may accompany you for several months.

People may start experiencing excessive sleepiness due to a chronic lack of sleep at night. That kind of thing may happen if you have insomnia. It could also be a byproduct of working long hours consistently.

You are also more susceptible to hypersomnia if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or other types of mental disorders. Diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis have also been identified as potential causes of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Talk to your doctor if your bout of hypersomnia began after you started taking new medication. The medication you’re currently taking could be the reason why you’re having trouble sleeping at night.

Dr. McConnell of Florida Sleep Specialists in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL can treat your excessive sleepiness.

What Are the Available Treatments for Excessive Sleepiness?

There are different ways to go about addressing excessive sleepiness.

One method involves treating the drowsiness directly. Your doctor may prescribe different forms of medicine that you can take during the day so you can stay awake with greater ease.

Taking medication is a quick fix for the issue, but it may not be sustainable. If you want to break free from hypersomnia for good, addressing the underlying issues causing it would be ideal.

Head to a sleep doctor to receive treatment for your insomnia. Aside from that, you should also make lifestyle changes that will allow you to sleep better and longer at night.

Try your best to go to bed at a more consistent time. Avoid working overtime too often so you have ample time to rest. Also, consider dropping your habit of drinking coffee or alcohol at night because that can affect your sleep.

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